Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to Christine's Psychic Spot.

I'm a psychic living in White Bear Lake Minnesota. I've preformed psychic readings for over twenty years now and in that time have witnessed a greater acceptance of psychic experiences as well as a desire for more information on the subject.

I've created this blog to tell my story and share experiences I've had while learning what it means to be psychic.

I'll start with frequently asked questions.

If you're psychic why don't you know the lottery numbers? I love this one! Short answer; It doesn't work that way.

Can you tell what I'm thinking? Yes but not in mixed company! Again, Short answer; It doesn't work that way.

If you're psychic you must know everything? No, I just think I know everything.

I believe everyone has psychic abilities. Some of us have learned how to use this ability in an unusual way.

I liken psychic abilities to athletic abilities. If you have two arms in good working condition you should be able to throw a ball. If you spend years practicing the different ways to throw a ball you may become very good at throwing a ball.

Then there are those people who are born to throw a ball. They came into this world with skill that can't be taught. With practice these natural born athletes do things most others can't even attempt.

As with athleticism, most everyone has experienced the feeling or psychic impression that something just wasn't right. You not sure what or why, but something isn't as it should be. Or you're certain an event is going to occur at an exact given time or place. Usually we shrug the feeling off and move on with our day.

Well if your a psychic, that feeling comes with pictures or thoughts or sounds or all of the above making it a tad challenging to simply shrug off.

So you have a psychic impression of some import to someone. What now? More on that topic with the next post.

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