Friday, March 15, 2013

More on the Pros and Cons of reading dead people.

Doing the work of a Medium can be some of the most rewarding work you could ever imagine. It does come with inherent risks. Most people hold strong, psychologically impacting feelings about their dead loved ones. These feelings can conjure up a whole host of reactions as well as unexpected ramifications for both you and the person you are reading for. I've mentioned boundaries in the past and will certainly be likely to mention boundaries often throughout my blogging process, but no where is it more important for everyone involved then while doing Medium work that you have and enforce strong boundaries. It is not healthy for anyone to spend all their time only interacting with the dead. Dead people want you to live, really no matter what those terrible horror movies may try to convince you of, life is still for the living.
 Embrace this as your first boundary.  A reading with a loved one will not and can not replace said loved one.
You can and will have moments of great connection between you, your client, and said dead person, but don't try to make it more then what it is, a brief temporary, momentary connection.
Expectations, both yours and the clients, can be problematic. Clients want a meaningful exchange, you want to give a meaningful exchange, sometimes what appears meaningful to the dead person doesn't resonate with the person on the other end of the interaction. Don't over think this. If all Grandma wants you to know it that she is happy, loved to knit and still reads the paper every morning, that's what you get. Is this deep and meaningful? Maybe be not to me but perhaps that is how Grandma always interacted. Perhaps if she suddenly took to deep philosophical prose, we wouldn't recognize her for who she really was.
Whatever the exchange, always tell the truth. If Grandpa is still a grumpy old bastard, don't imply he is anything other then that. That's not to say that the dead don't change. they do. More on that later.

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