Monday, July 27, 2009

The never ending reading.

Have you ever taken a personality test? You know the type where the questionnaire asks the same question twenty different ways all in an effort to arrive at a specific answer. There is a similar situation with psychic readings.
I call it the never ending reading.

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes people have a strongly vested interest in hearing a specific answer to a very important, or possibly a not so important, question. This question usually involves a cherished hope for a specific outcome. A deeply held belief in a specific outcome. Possibly a very real perceived need to be right or for someone else to be wrong. It also heralds a long and potentially pointless reading.
Someday you will have this client.

I tend to be a fairly patient person. I don't mind going over and over the same issue repeatedly. Unfortunately no matter how many times you are asked the same question the answer doesn't usually change. Finally you will be faced with the ultimate question of "why doesn't (insert outcome hear) happen?"

The answer to that question will be varied and meaningful, but not necessarily what the client wants to hear. This is not your issue.

More on this topic later...

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