Saturday, August 1, 2009

The never ending reading part two...

Learn how to end a reading. I know phone psychics are encouraged to keep the client talking. As a psychic I find this practice unethical as well as uncomfortable. When someone moves from asking a specific question during a reading, to a chatty conversation about said topic, I know it's time to end the reading.

People come to see a psychic for all manner of reasons. Yes I share my insights and hopefully an objective opinion or two, but I will not be paid to be a friend. Set your own personal boundaries. Get comfortable with what you are and are not willing to do in a reading. Creating this skill set will benefit your future readings more then you may know.

Next up: Touchy subjects...


  1. Some people who ask for a psychic readings simply ask for too much. AS a professional reader, our role is to be in control of the session, not the other way around. I agree with what you wrote here. :)

  2. Personally I believe readings should have an ending. It feels more time efficient when you have a conclusion.

    The phone psychic, is there to provide a service of insight, and NOT a paid friend. They have others to help also.