Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just one more question...

In a prior post I mentioned that sometimes, some people will ask the same question over and over again. Well with the "Just one more question..." scenario, sometimes, some people, will not be willing to end a reading, hours, days even weeks and months after.

I've had clients call after a reading done in person, to ask another question over the phone. This can get abusive.

If say, for some unintended reason, someone has a legitimate question that they forgot to ask during their reading I will usually set up a time to answer this one question over the phone.

If the client wants to discuss an entire topic, I will encourage the client to make an appointment. If this happens more then once I will encourage the client to wait to ask their question at their next reading. Sometimes, some people, don't like this....

This brings us to another good topic. Boundaries. Some of you may have heard the phrase "Good fences make good neighbors". Well with readings "Good boundaries make good psychics".

By creating a set of standards and ethics that are clear, you feel comfortable using and you share with your clients, you then have a set the boundaries for you and your client to live by. Now if someone doesn't like it, each of you knows what comes next.

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  1. I really enjoy your insights into the what it is like to be a "reader". Also very good advice.