Saturday, August 1, 2009

Touchy subjects...

While performing a reading, you may learn things you never wanted to know. Some people are cheating on spouses. Some people are living a secret life. Some people have been broken beyond repair. Some people are doing the braking. All of it is none of your business.

I've cultivated an interesting way of dealing with this issue. I don't remember the readings I give. I will remember a conversation we may have about your reading after the fact, but I usually won't remember what was said during the reading.

Makes my life easier but people do find it strange that I don't have a clue what I've told them.

I'm not sure if this happens due to early onset dementia or short term memory loss from a hit to the head I also can't remember, but I choose to believe the reason I don't remember a reading is because it's not my "stuff".

I have enough "stuff" i.e. baggage, in my own life to carry around and I really don't need someones "stuff" added to it.

If you have a strong sense of empathy, you may find it difficult to shake off a reading. I recommend getting into a routine practice of grounding, deep breathing, taking a walk, any or all of the above as a means of breaking the emotional attachment.

Next up: Just one more question... how to deal with an unethical client.

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  1. Being able to perform psychic readings is a great burden for anyone who is gifted with it. That is why it is important to still enjoy life and not get too serious about all that spiritual stuff. We all need to maintain our stable way of thinking and continue being normal in society. Cheers